Jake Hallet workshop - Painting a Musical Arrangement

Rob's Guitar School instructor extraordinaire Jake Hallett will be hosting his first workshop at our Groton location called Painting a Musical Arrangement:

Details:  Learn the stepping stones of Relative Pitch and develop the ability to play what you hear!  Learn how to evoke the emotions you want out of your music.  Learn when it is a good time to break the rules of the major scale.  Bring your guitar and get ready to have fun! 

Bring your guitar to Rob's Guitar School in our Groton location at 80 Champney Street on Saturday, November 11th. The workshop will be held from 1pm to 3:30pm. Seats must be reserved ahead of time and there are only 8 spots available.  A minimum of four seats must be sold for us to hold this workshop. Session fee is $50 per seat. 

About Jake Hallett:

Jake is a senior instructor at Rob’s Guitar School and has been teaching and playing guitar for many years.  He specializes in lead guitar playing and instruction.  See Jake play locally in his group “Finest Hour.”

To sign up or get more info, click here.

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