Having challenges in playing your instrument?  Let our expert teachers help you get where you want to be.  We're all about guitar (and ukulele!) here.  You'll have fun learning to play your instrument following simple, straightforward tips and guidance.

Don't waste your time and money learning from someone else where you'll get frustrated learning difficult things that aren't what you wanted to learn in the first place.

In your free trial lesson, our skilled instructors will learn your goals and teach you something right away to get you started.  We'll then use your goals to create a plan to get you get you where you want to be fast and easy.

Rob's Guitar School is the best place around Online (yes, we do zoom!), or in person at our music schools in the Newton, MA or Groton, MA areas to learn Acoustic Guitar, UkuleleElectric Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and Bass Guitar.  Interested in a certain style of music?  Our skilled instructors teach all styles: blues, country, rock, jazz, classical, pop, folk, you name it! 

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Rob's Guitar School Story

In June 2017, our founder and chief instructor, Rob Compagna, was interviewed on Boston Voyager magazine.  During the interview he talks about our humble beginnings and how it has grown into the two great guitar schools that we have today!  Click here for the story.

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Story of Rob's guitar school

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