Grotonfest 2014

See us at Grotonfest!

Last year at Grotonfest was a blast!  We were busy, busy, busy having fun talking to everyone interested in learning guitar.  We also had fun performing too!

Grotonfest this year is this Saturday (9/20) from 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM.  As mentioned above, this year we have a special offer: those people who visit our booth and sign up for our newsletter will receive a certificate for a free guitar lesson! If you are already on our newsletter list, you can still receive it by visiting us at the booth. 

This is an excellent opportunity for those people who are interested in learning the guitar but want to try it out first!  A guitar will be provided during the lesson.

Also, two of our very own students, Ben Chaco and Samantha Schulz will be performing along side the Summertime Trio on the big stage at Grotonfest too from 12:30 - 1 PM.  So, make sure you come to Grotonfest! 

Lastly, guitars and amps will be at our booth.  If you you want to jam with us, just say so!

For info on Grotonfest, click here.