Student Zoe Saldana recording "Needed"

At our guitar school, students of our Advanced classes are asked to do a studio recording of them playing guitar as part of their musical growth.  Here's a quick video of one of our advanced students, Zoe, recording a song that she wrote, all at the age of 13!

Groton Community Dinner Performance October 2016

Rob interviewed on WPKZ 105.3 FM

Hi everyone, Rob was interviewed on WPKZ 105.3 FM radio telling all sorts of wonderful things about our guitar school.  Interested in hearing the interview?  Click here to listen!

Groton Community Dinner Performance July 2016

Groton Community Dinner Performance January 2016

Kids Electric Guitar student Matt Lesser performs "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas with chief guitar instructor Rob Compagna at the Groton Community Dinner on January 29th, 2016.  Footage courtesy of Matt's dad, Chris.

Arts Nashoba Hallows Eve Fundraiser

We were lucky enough to perform at the Arts Nashoba Hallows Eve fundraiser on October 23rd, 2015.  Two of our students (Samantha Schulz and Rich Allain) performed with their fellow band mate Priscilla Smith in their band A Chord of 3 playing their original songs Earthquake, Decrease and Tree of Hope Haiti.  Afterwards, our own Guitar Squad performed with students Zoe Saldana and Evan Bucholz.  Click on a photo to see the slide show.

Groton Community Dinner, September 2015

Grotonfest 2015

Holiday Sing A Long 2014 Highlights

October 2014 Open House Highlights

June 2014 Open House Highlights

Around Town Interview

2013 Fundraiser Lead Guitar Medley

School Photos - click a pic for slideshow