At Rob's Guitar School, we offer Class Programs and Private Lesson Programs for kids and adults. Each of these programs can get you exactly where you want to be on your instrument.  At the very beginning, we learn your goals on your instrument and guide you each step of the way to helping you achieve them.

Learn Acoustic Guitar in Newton, MA or Groton, MA

Learn Acoustic Guitar

At Rob's Guitar School we have the best acoustic guitar teachers around, teaching students of any level to strum, fingerpick, flatpick, play the blues, learn their favorite songs, build their chord knowledge, learn theory. You name it. 

Schedule a free lesson with us to get you started.

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Learn ukulele in Newton

Learn Ukulele

Want to learn to play an instrument that's fun and easy? Our ukulele instructors are terrific. 

New to playing an instrument and want to give the ukulele a try?  You will leave your very first lesson knowing how to play a song. 

Already play the ukulele and want to improve your playing?  Our instructors are skilled ukulele players who can take your playing to the next level.

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learn electric guitar in Newton, MA and Groton, MA

Learn Electric Guitar

Want to learn to play Rock, Jazz, Blues, theory or improve your technique and fretboard knowledge? 

You can't find better electric guitar teachers anywhere than with us. 

Let our instructors teach you everything you need to get you where to be on this awesome instrument.

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Learn Mandolin

Love the classic and awesome sound of a mandolin?

You can't find a better place around to learn mandolin, especially for beginners.

What are you waiting for?  Get started learning mandolin!

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learn bass guitar in Newton, MA and Groton, MA

Learn Bass Guitar

Want to be in a band?  Bass guitar is the core instrument in any band, no matter what the style. 

Our instructors will teach you all of the techniques that you need to be a great bass player: scales, arpreggios, right hand picking, improvising while keeping the song together, chord theory, listening skills.

The list goes on.  Now's the time to take advantage of all we have to offer. Setup your free lesson and get started!

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