Interested or Committed?

At Neil Stone’s Karate Academy in Brookline, NH, they have a saying – “are you interested in learning karate or are you committed to learning karate?”  This brings up a great point when applied to learning guitar – are you committed to learning guitar or are you just interested in learning guitar?

Interest is great; it starts you off on whatever you want to do, but in order to get really good at something you must be committed. 

For guitar, interest will get you to learn a few basic chords and after a while that interest wanes and you stop taking guitar lessons and after a few years, you can tell people that you used to play guitar and that you remember how to play a few chords.  Meanwhile, that guitar of yours collects dust in the corner or hangs out in your closet in its case.

Commitment however, will take you much farther. 

Commitment will get you past those few chords and then into being able to play the things that you always wanted to play.  Commitment will enable you to break out that guitar when company visits.  Commitment is great when you are sitting around the campfire and everyone is singing along to something you are playing.  Commitment is awesome when you are playing guitar sitting on your porch by yourself in those quiet moments in the morning.  Commitment will give you years of enjoyment for the rest of your life.

So, are you committed to playing guitar or are you just interested in playing guitar?  It all starts with interest…

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