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Boston Voyager magazine interview

In June 2017, our founder and chief instructor, Rob Compagna, was interviewed on Boston Voyager magazine.  During the interview he talks about our humble beginnings and how it has grown into the two great guitar schools that we have today!  Click here for the interview.

2 Great Locations!

We are very proud to have two locations in Newton, MA and in Groton MA.  With these two locations we continue our quest to spread music goodness throughout New England!  Thanks to all of our wonderful students for helping us to become what we are today.  We wouldn't be here without you!

80 Champney St. Groton MA

80 Champney St. Groton MA

48 Chandler Place, Newton MA

48 Chandler Place, Newton MA

Kids beginner class

Kids beginner class

Student performance

Student performance

Teen/Adult Guitar Class

Teen/Adult Guitar Class

School Announcements

Students:  Student Referral Program
Current students:  Do you want get a free month of tuition?  Refer someone to our guitar school and if they join us, you get a free month of tuition.  You can't beat that!

Students:  For this month, bring a friend or family member to class
Want to bring a friend or family member to class with you?  For a limited time, you can bring a friend to class and have them sit in.  If they don't have a guitar, one will be provided to them for the lesson.  No advance notice is required.  Just bring them and have fun!

Check out our Testimonials!

Terrific instructor!
"Rob has been the perfect instructor for our daughter. He's patient, encouraging and enthusiastic. He listens to the student and gears his lessons towards their musical interests. We're very happy with our daughters progress."
Neil M.

Great teacher that makes learning fun and easy to understand for players of all levels.
"I've been playing guitar for 20+ years. I decided to take guitar lessons (again) to ramp up my guitar playing and music theory knowledge. Rob has helped (and continues to help) me get to that "next level"."
Pat D

Bass Guitar Program
"I started bass lessons at the school several months ago hoping to learn music rather than simply memorizing tabs.  Jake has the perfect approach, teaching me how to hear major/minor chords  and how to play patterns.  Its like learning a new language, and slowly but surely, I feel as if I am breaking on through to the other side! (to steal a quote)."
Pete S.

Go to Rob if you are looking to learn guitar
"Rob is patient and encouraging. I do not come from a musical family per se, but always wanted to learn to play guitar. Rob encourages you to learn from whatever level you come from and move into styles that will meet your goals."
Elizabeth D.

Awesome Instructor
"Rob was super nice from our first contact via email. And, he has been the best instructor for my nine year old son. Rob is patient and offers great encouragement...the best kind of teacher!"
Beverley B.

Very pleased!
"We have been very pleased with the experience that our son has had at RCGS. Rob is a wonderful teacher and is very invested in his students and school."
Jennine L.

Fantastic Teacher - You Can't Go Wrong with Rob
"Prior to taking formal lessons, I had tried some online lessons and guitar books with limited success and great frustration.
I decided that I should give formal lessons a try and began taking lessons from Rob in February of 2016. It is safe to say that I have made great progress over the last 10 months. Rob is a patient teacher and always very encouraging. He knows when to push students out of their comfort zone so they keep progressing. Rob makes learning guitar really enjoyable....lessons are truly my favorite part of every week."

Todd D.

A triple A guitar school
"RCGS is a AAA guitar school that teaches more than just a hobby, it teaches a way of life. The enthusiastic head instructor has been playing for decades and his first priority is the improvement of his students. He is kind, approachable, and encourages his pupils on every step to their guitar journey. Rob Compagna knows people and understands how to get people to tap into their unfound potential. RCGS is truly a fantastic environment for people serious about improving their musical education."
Drew C

TV Interview!

Hi everyone! Rob was lucky enough to be interviewed on the TV show Around Town. During the interview, he talks about the school and its students and the wonderful opportunities it gives people to learn guitar. At the end is a special live performance!  Click on the video to the right to view it!


Radio Interview!

Rob was interviewed on WPKZ 105.3 FM telling everyone about how excellent the Rob Compagna Guitar School is for learning guitar.  Click here to hear it!
Rob on WPKZ 105.3 FM

Rob on WPKZ 105.3 FM

New Online Teaching Program

The teachers at the Rob Compagna Guitar School have built an online teaching program for electric guitarists called Shred-Machine.  Shred-Machine is a revolutionary 18 week guitar program that teaches guitarists how to shred on guitar!  But it is also much more!  View the video on the right for more or visit the Shred-Machine website for all of the details!