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Are You Being Mindful?

Do you ever just stop and wonder, “What are my feet feeling right now? How does the wind brushing by my face feel? Am I breathing consciously?” 

Do you ever live in the moment

Practicing mindfulness can…

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Who's your superhero?  When you are faced with a challenge in your life, who do you look up to?  Who comes to your rescue?
It seems like every other month the local theater has a super hero movie coming out…Read more

One Step Forward

Hi there guitar lovers and lovers of life.  We’re here to tell you that you can achieve anything if you are consistent and take one step forward with everything that you do.  All you have to do is take…Read more

You Can Do It!

In this week’s article, we have a simple reminder for you – yes, you can do anything that you set your mind to!  Here at the Rob Compagna Guitar School, we experience this first hand.  Students who start here having…Read more

I've got talent!

In last week’s article, we referred to the book, "THE BIG LEAP: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level" by Gay Hendricks, in which the author referred to entering our “Zone of Genius”.  This referred to…Read more

Become a Genius

Have you ever wanted to do what you really want in life?  Do you feel trapped and constrained in the life you are currently living?  Many of us trudge through lives trapped in unfulfilling jobs or roles in life that…Read more

New Year’s Resolutions

Do you have in mind any self-improvements for this New Year?  Or have you set some resolutions and are already working on the challenges to achieving them?  While there is some current buzz in the media justifying why people shouldn’t…Read more

What are you thankful for?

This week, we kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving.  While we all know what Thanksgiving is about, do we really take time to understand that this is one of the best feel-good times of the year?  Thanksgiving is dedicated…Read more

Feeling better about ourselves 

Self-esteem is how we stack ourselves up to the world around us.  Self-esteem is important to us as guitarists and as people in general.  If we have high self-esteem, we feel good about our ability to play the guitar andRead more

Risk Taking 

Last weekend here at RCGS, we had several students take a risk and perform on stage for our annual fundraiser show-ending song.  This was a risk on their part.  None of them had ever performed in front of an audience…Read more

Living Life to its Fullest 

In the grand scheme of things, our time here on this earth occurs in the blink of an eye.  Ask any of us who are older.  It seems like yesterday that we were kids acting goofy running around in the…Read more

Performance and Preparation

There is an old saying, the “6 P’s” – “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  This is true in many things in life and definitely applies to us all.  Without thoughtful planning and thinking ahead of what we might need…Read more

Being True to Yourself

Just what is being true to yourself? We’ve all heard that we must be true to ourselves. What does this really mean? If we play with the phrase and turn it around, it can mean “Do not lie to…Read more

Learning to Improvise

Improvisation? What does this mean to us? Well, improvisation to musicians, actors, singers, comedians, dancers, artists, photographers and many others is the process of reacting to the moment and responding to the stimulus of one's immediate environment and inner feelings…Read more

"Find A Way"

This week’s article was going to be more guitar specific, but with Diana Nyad’s inspiring solo swim from Cuba to Florida over this past weekend, we couldn’t help but include it in this week’s RCGS article. What she did…Read more


This article will be our last for a little while in our series on personal development, however while it may be the last, it is no less important than the others discussed (Goal Setting, Practice, BeingRead more


Perseverance is sticking through a task despite obstacles and seeing the task through to completion. These obstacles could be anything: time may be a factor - the task could take days, weeks, months or even years; the task may…Read more


Confidence is generally defined as being certain that a chosen course of action is the correct one. For example: “I’m confident that if I keep practicing, I can play Cliffs of Dover on guitar” or “I have complete confidence…Read more

Being Positive

It is no secret that when we feel positive about ourselves and our surroundings, we are happier, we are more likely to get things done and are we are typically more enjoyable to be around. When life is more…Read more

Goal Setting

In this week’s article, I’d like to address goal setting. Goal setting is not only something that is important to us as guitarists but it is also important to us as people in general. Without goals, it is hard, if…Read more