Thinking about taking lessons? How do guitar classes work?

Not where you want to be on guitar? Have you always wanted to play but thought it was too hard? If you're interested, make sure you read EVERY word below. :)
  • Frustrated trying to learn your first chords and your fingers aren't doing what you want?
  • Are you looking to improve your playing speed to that blistering fast level?
  • Not getting that sound out of your guitar like your favorite player?
  • Do you want to learn another style of guitar to add to what you already have?

In my 30 years of playing and teaching I've helped many other students with all of the above problems. I'm also happy to now be teaching in a school format instead of in individual private lessons. How is going to a guitar school better than the standard weekly half hour private lesson? There are many, many reasons, but here are a few:
  • With the old style standard weekly half hour private lessons, you get a total of 2 hours of lesson time with an instructor each month. With attending my guitar school, you can take up to two 1 hour classes each week for your type of program (see Programs below), PLUS you get a half hour private lesson with me each month where I can personally monitor your progress and make sure you are on track to achieving your goals. That's a total of 8 1/2 hours of lesson time each month. As a result, it is no surprise that students learn faster using the Class method.
  • Learning in groups is a proven method of teaching that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years (e.g. universities, colleges, schools, academies, etc.)
  • Learning in groups gives you the ability to meet other people just like you who encourage you on your journey on guitar. It's a great way to make new friends and future band mates.
  • As a musician, learning to play with other people in ensemble groups is a key skill. In group classes, you learn to not only listen to what you are playing but also to what other people are playing along with you. This develops great listening skills which go beyond just playing guitar (e.g. being a musician and not just a guitarist).
  • All classes are taught in such a way so that they address the four levels of student skills at once: Starter, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so everyone is always challenged at their own individual level. Plus senior students can take a more active role in the class, helping them become future teachers if they wish.

During your consultation appointment with me, if we decide that the school is right for you, we will determine which program works best for you:
  • Electric Guitar Program
  • Acoustic Guitar Program
  • Lead Guitar Program
  • Kids Guitar Program

Finally, as a teacher with many years experience, I know it's not just about showing you chords, scales, exercises, licks and songs, which every teacher knows - it's about helping you and encouraging you while showing you the easiest, fastest and best ways to learn whatever it is you want to learn on guitar. It's about creating a happy, healthy and supportive environment here at the school. It's about developing friends but also developing discipline and dedication to your instrument that will help you out for many years in all aspects of your life. I have helped out many students over the years and I know I can help you out too.

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